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Garage doors are mechanical objects that get work down over time because of adverse factors like weather or constant exposure to the sun. The garage opener, on the other hand, is made up of some intricate parts that need to be serviced ever so often to keep it functioning optimally. A broken part can cause the entire system to go haywire and it may come crashing down on your head, if you’re not careful.

While there are a number of DIY tutorials available on the internet these days, we never advise our clients to attempt to repair their damaged garage door themselves. This is because some of the parts in the system, like the torsion springs, are dangerous to handle because they operate under a lot of pressure and have a lot of force stored in them. HighTech Garage Door has the tools it takes and the expertise to professionally fix your garage door and drastically improve its longevity. Citizens living in Belcamp, MD can book our reliable, cost-effective service 24/7.  

Garage door inspection:

A lot of parts have to work together to keep a garage door functioning properly. The spring has be tuned just right to be able to lift the weight of your door, and the cables that derive their energy from the spring and do the actual lifting have to be checked over to see if they haven’t frayed over time. The garage door itself may fall prey to changing weather or temperature and develop cracks which allow moisture to seep inside. A routine inspection can identify any imbalances in the system before they become a real issue.

As soon as you contact us, HighTech Garage Door will dispatch an experienced team to your property to inspect your garage door. Our team is comprised of professionals that receive extensive training which helps them keep up to date with latest technology. They are capable of checking and repairing all kinds of garage doors, including heavy-duty steel affairs and less sturdy but aesthetically appealing wooden ones.

Damaged doors:

A door can get damaged by the weather, by a malfunctioning system or by accidents. We also sometimes get calls from buildings where vandals have been at it. A damaged garage door can seriously hamper your schedule. Our 24/7 service can fix your damaged garage door quickly and efficiently.

Off-track garage doors:

A major problem with garage doors is them going off-track while they’re being raised or lowered. A garage door can go off-track for a variety of reasons, including a damaged spring or cable that buckles under pressure and causes a section of the garage door to be displaced. A garage door may also go off track because of heavy use. We also sometimes see cases where obstructions in the way of the garage door, when it’s opening, make it to have to lift a heavier weight than the system is designed for. This causes damage to the inner mechanism.

A garage door that is going off-track should be repaired immediately. If you try to continue using such a door, further damage will be caused to the opener – which will cost you more resources to repair in the future.